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by Koota Yamada

Player count: 2-4

Age range: 14+

Playing time: 60-90 min

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IKI takes place in Edo during the period of the same name (1603-1868). Edo was the name of Tokyo at that time.

In Nihonbashi district, the most animated market of the city can be found. Near the main street, there is a fish market, where boats bring their goods and where the cries of the sellers and buyers echo. In houses around the main street called Nagaya, live craftsmen and shopkeepers, with various skills required for the daily life of Edo’s citizens.

According to estimates, between 700 and 800 different occupations exist in Edo: fan or lantern makers, tatami weavers, printers, hawkers, tempura or sushi sellers, geishas, kabuki actors and many others are represented in IKI as cards.

Live a whole year in Edo and try to become the best Edokko, « the child of Edo » by looking after the welfare and prosperity of the city and its citizens. Recruit characters from different professions, make them work in the main street of Nihonbashi and let them accumulate experience until they retire.

The winner is the Edokko who has earned the most IKI, a philosophical concept from the Edo period that is considered an ideal of life.

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