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Zhanguo: The first empire

Zhanguo: The first empire

by Marco Canetta, Stefania Niccolini

Player count: 1-4

Age range: 14+

Playing time: 60-120 min

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In 221 B.C., all the so-called Warring States are brought together : this is the birth of the vast Chinese empire, ruled by Qin Shi Huangdi. A skilled and determined strategist, but also a shrewd governor, he undertakes actions aimed at standardizing all the elements at the basis of Chinese society and culture: he imposes a single script and a single currency, then he establishes a new system of laws equal for all.

He also builds palaces, installs local governors and above all, starts the works for the construction of the greatest building in the history of mankind: the Great Wall.

A single life cannot suffice for such a vast empire: he sends ships to distant lands in search of the legendary elixir of life, and he builds a huge mausoleum containing the scale reconstruction of his empire : in defense of it for eternity, he deploys an impressive terracotta army…

Zhanguo: The First Empire is an expert game for 1 to 4 players where your family seeks to enter into history by following the Emperor’s plans!

To earn your place in the Terracotta Army, you will work on the following plans of the Empire:

  • Embark on a quest for the elixir of immortality through the sea,
  • Settle governors in the different regions of China to strengthen your influence and build sumptuous palaces,
  • Contribute to the construction of the Great Wall,
  • Add your own statues to the Emperor’s mausoleum.
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